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 Assisting birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in creating their own unique adoption plan​​

Call Us - Birth Mother Line

Adoptive Parent Line: (818) 766-2222

Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588

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Birth Parent's Adoptive Rights:

The right to actively participate in all aspects of the adoption plan.
The right to create an adoption plan which best fits your individual needs and comfort level.
The right to select the adoptive family you believe best meets your criteria.
The right to request an Independent Adoption or Private Placement Adoption whereby the adoptive parent(s) you choose will be able to take the baby straight home from the hospital, without the baby first having to be placed in an interim home for up to a few months time, as can be typical in an agency adoption.
The right to review as many potential adoptive parent's profiles as you may desire; to speak with and/or meet as many families as you may wish; and to take as much time as you feel you need in order to choose just the right parent(s) for your child.
The right to ask an adoptive parent(s) any and all questions you may have, and to receive information about the parent(s) prior to making a selection.
The right to have your privacy and confidentiality respected.
The right to request any pregnancy related living expense assistance to which you are entitled to receive, such as rent, food, utilities, transportation and maternity clothes.
The right to live in a safe, healthy environment both during your pregnancy and while you recover from having given birth.
The right to medical care by a physician you choose and feel comfortable seeing, at no cost to yourself.
The right to have legal assistance provide you at no cost to yourself.
The right to understand the adoption process and your legal rights, as explained to you by an attorney and/or licensed adoption agency.
The right to not sign any documents without a full understanding of them.
The right to therapeutic counseling and support both during your pregnancy and following birth at no cost to yourself.
The right to share your adoption plan with whomever you choose, including family, friends and relatives, and to have them participate in the process to whatever extent and degree as you may feel comfortable and desire.
The right to receive ongoing contact with the adoptive parent(s) post-birth, including letter, picture and video updates, telephonic contact and vists, if you so choose.
The right to see, hold and spend time with your baby at birth and while you are recovering at the hospital.
The right to an open and honest relationship with the adoptive parent(s) you may choose.
The right to be treated with kindness, dignity and respect for being able to make the ultimate selfless and loving decision a birth parent can ever make in the best interests of their child.
​The right to withdraw from any adoption plan which you do not believe is in your or your child’s best interests.
~ A Birth Mother Advisor is always available to assist you 24 hours a day/7 days a week with any questions you may have ~

Birth Mother Line:  1-800-605-4588
Hours of Operation
Birth Parent's:  24/7

Adoptive Parent(s): Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
11271 Ventura Blvd. #380
Studio City, CA  91604
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