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Available Placement Situation
Baby Girl - Southern California

This baby has now found its forever home!

Baby Girl BORN 03-13-2019
Drug Exposed
in Southern California area
(Last updated 03/20/2019)

Baby expected to discharge from hospital early next week - the week of the 25th!

* * * * * * * * * *

Update as of the afternoon of March 20, 2019 - Updated provided this office verbally by Neonatal ICU Charge nurse:

BM was tested for HepB and HepC by hospital and both tests came back negative.  Baby reported as doing well.  Hospital just lowered morphine amount from .2 mg to .1 mg.  They are presently trying to stabilize/determine the right dose for baby.  They will continue to monitor the baby as to how baby responds on this lower dosage. 

Update as of the afternoon of March 20, 2019 - Updated provided this office verbally by Neonatal ICU Bedside nurse :

Baby's Score on NAS system is between 3 to 4.  Morphine has been decreased from .2 mg to .1 mg.  Baby is "so sleepy" and hospital wants baby more alert to help with bottle feeds and lowering morphine amount can help with alertness.  Baby displaying minimal signs of withdrawal with medication.  Baby is given the bottle for feeds 4 times a day.  Baby is now 35w4d.

Regarding Hyperbilirubinemia of prematurity noted on hospital medicals:  Nurse states this has resolved.  Baby is off lights and its numbers lower now - Last number was a 10 as of yesterday per nurse, which she stated was very good for a preemie newborn. 

Regarding Respiratory: "Haziness of Lungs" reflected on hospital medicals - Now corrected.  Baby's saturations are 100% now and have been for a while now.

Regarding Mild Cardiomegaly reflected on hospital medicals:  Nurse states a lot of baby's have this condition and it can resolve on its own.  She said no murmurs are heard and baby shows no other symptoms.

Regarding HepB - Nurse stated baby was given Hep B vaccine when born. 

Nurse described current issue as feeding and withdrawal and described baby as a "normal pre-mature baby trying to thrive." 

Expected discharge remains early next week! 

* * * * * * * * * *

NOTE:   If you feel this situation may not be the right one for you, please feel free to pass this e-mail alert on should you believe you may know someone who may be interested in possibly being selected as the adoptive parent(s) for this baby girl!

* * * * * * * * * *

The following potential placement situation has opened through the office’s Registration Program to non-contracted families who would like to have their profile (Dear Birthmother Letter) presented to birthmother (BM).  Profiles will be presented as they arrive at the office via electronic remission.

Profiles of non-contracted families shared with birth mothers this office assists are remitted through our Registration Program.  If you are not currently registered with the office, instructions appear below on registering (or re-registering) for presentation, including the option of registering for only this one individual potential placement situation.  

For presentation, please contact the office via telephone or e-mail: (818) 766-2222  -  E-mail at:  [email protected] 

* * * * * * * * * *


Please be sure to first read through this document in its entirety prior to telephoning the office, as many commonly asked questions are addressed below.  Please contact the office should you have further questions:  (818) 766-2222. 

* * * * * * * * * *

This office is assisting the following birth mother (BM) who is currently seeking an adoptive placement for her child, BORN March 13, 2019.  Below appears background information as provided this office by birth parents:

BM Name: “Bree”
BM’s Present Location:  Southern CA
BM’s Age:  38
BF’s Age:  39

Baby’s Birth Date:  March 13, 2019.  Baby is premature - born at 34 3/7 weeks - now adjusted to 34w5d.  BABY EXPECTED TO DISCHARGE EARLY NEXT WEEK!   

Baby’s Race/Ethnicity:  BM is Hispanic (her grandmother was from Mexico), Lebanese (her grandfather was from Lebanon), and German (BM’s mother’s father was German).  Birth Father (BF) is Caucasian: Greek, Irish, English on his mother’s side and Russian (BF’s grandfather’s father was Russian) plus some other ethnicities his mother could not recall on his father’s side.  

NAI:  BM states she was not raised with a father and does not know which of 2 men are her biological father.  Both men she believes are NAI. Depending on whom she father is, she believes she is either less than 5% Cherokee and Blackfoot combined and if her father is the other man then she states she has no idea what the percentage of NAI she is.  She states she has asked family members about NAI heritage, and depending on whom she asks, she receives varying answers.  She has also described NAI heritage as “a rumor” to this office.  She states she is not enrolled in a tribe, nor a card carrying member of a Native American Indian tribe, nor is any member of her family to her knowledge.  BM placed a child for adoption previously.  She states on her previous adoptive placement she reflected less than 5% Cherokee and Blackfoot on a legal document after discussing this matter with legal counsel and the adoption proceeded forward without tribal intervention.  It will be up to Adoptive Parent(s) legal counsel to advise/guide Adoptive Parent(s) as to what necessary legal steps may need to be taken given this information.

BF states he believes he is “a very small percentage” NAI on his father’s side, but tribe is unknown and he does not have any relationship or contact with his father so is unable to obtain any additional information. 

Baby’s Gender:  Female

BM’s Physical Description:  Height:  5’7”; 135 lbs pre-pregnancy weight; eye color is brown; hair color is dark brown; hair texture:  straight and thick; complexion: olive; build:  normal for height.     

BF’s Physical Description:   Height: 5’9”; weight: 170 lbs; eye color: brown; hair color: dark dark brown; hair texture: full with a natural wave; build: average. 

Photograph(s):  Available. 

BM’s Interests:  Writing and music, makeup and fashion.

BF’s Interests:  Fishing, music, the outdoors with family oriented.

Type of Adoptive Family:  Open to any type of family – with or without children.  Any race/ethnicity.  Any religion.  Open to families nationwide. 

Reason for Placing:  BM and BF (they are married) are homeless, unemployed and unable to parent.  BM is struggling to beat an addiction problem.  They have other children (none of which they are parenting), two of which were placed for adoption.  BF’s mother is parenting two of the children and states she is unable to parent another child and supports an adoption.  BM states her mother resides out of state, she is not in regular contact with her and would not want to place a child with her. 

Health:  Baby was born March 13th after induction for severe pre-eclampsia and placental abruption.  BM has polysubstance abuse (heroin, meth, marijuana), homeless, and class B GDM and no pre-natal care.  Apgars 9 and 9.  Hospital remitted both BM's and baby's medical records to this office March 15th.  Baby's hospital medical records reflect Active Hospital Problems reflect as:  1) Hyperbilirubinemia of prematurity; 2) Neonatal withdrawal symptoms from maternal use of drugs of addiction; 3) Baby premature 34 weeks; 4) IDM (infant of diabetic mother); 5) Drug abuse during pregnancy (CMS-HCC).  

BM reports to this office using Methamphetamines and Heroine on an ongoing basis throughout the pregnancy. (BM states she was drug positive with her prior pregnancy, but had not used Heroine during that pregnancy.) She states she last used Heroine the day prior to delivery and Methamphetamines three days prior to delivery.  BM's hospital medical records reflect as UDS positive for cannabis, opiates and amphetamines.  BM experienced withdrawals at the hospital and was started on Methadone on March 14 (10 mg q 8 hr).  BM stated she plans to switch to Suboxone following her release from the hospital and the hospital social worker confirmed to this office they are trying to assist her with ongoing treatment post-hospital release. BM denies drinking alcohol during her pregnancy.  Hospital medical records reflect BM is a current everyday smoker.  She was given a nicotine patch at hospital.  

BM's medical records reflect Diabetes mellitus (CMS-HCC) for Medical and Hypertension for History.  It also reflects Class B GDM.  Birth Parents state none of their family members or children have diabetes, nor any medical issues they are aware of.   BM states she sometimes gets anxious and nervous, but that she has never been medically diagnosed with a mental health condition or mental illness.  BF denies any history of mental illness on either his side of the family or on BM’s side.   

Hospital states baby was born weighing 5 lb 15.9 oz, apgar’s were 9 & 9.  On March 13, Hospital social worker said the baby was receiving oxygen. When this office spoke with the NICU nurse later that afternoon NICU stated the baby was not on oxygen at that time, but was on IV fluids due to respiratory issue given baby’s prematurity status, as well as c-pap which keeps the lungs open.  (Medical records reflect baby began having retractions and grunting so placed on CPAP 5/21%. Medical records reflect baby was weaned off CPAP to room air on March 14th.) 

Medical records also reflect CXR showed "mild haziness of the lungs may be representing mild retained fluid less likely pulmonary vascular congestion, correlate clinically."  Baby's medicals reflect re: Cardiovascular Mild Cardiomegaly on CXR.  Jaundice on March 14th was also reflected, with phototherapy commencing.  

On March 14, hospital social worker stated the urine tox screen on baby was in and was positive for Opiates.  She states when the meconium test results come back in about 5 days from this time, it will reflect the most accurate results, as drugs typically are out of the system within 24-48 hours so the urine tox screen may not capture the true picture.  She stated the baby was starting to withdrawal from the drug exposure.  She stated the baby scored 6 on the NAS System, which she described as being on the low end.  On March 15, hospital social worker stated baby was “doing well,” and that baby’s score on NAS System had been fluctuating, with the highest score at that time being 13 and that baby was started on Morphine to help with withdrawal symptoms.  Medical records for March 15 reflect "has morphine 0.5mg/kg/ q4hrs PRN.  On March 18, social worker stated baby was feeding well and gaining weight and could possibly be discharged by the end of this week.  Meconium test results not yet in, however, she stated she expects it will reflect what drugs BM had tested positive for.  She said because baby was on morphine, hospital would help set up a referral to a physician and medical appointments to help adoptive parent(s) in continuing the administration of the morphine and monitor the weaning off process.  She stated baby’s score on NAS System 8-11 approx., but that scores are subjective per nurse and some scores are more worrisome than others, with the scores this baby was scoring on being the less worrisome items.  On March 18, hospital social worker stated Meconium results were in and were positive for Meth, Opiates and THC.  She stated baby's discharge now expected to be early next week, as hospital was working on trying to determine the right medication dosage for baby.  Baby's score on NAS system was reported by social worker to be:  On March 18th at 7 am a 12; at 11 am a 9, at 3 pm a 10, at 7 pm an 11; at 11 pm an 8 - On March 19th: at 3 am a 6; at 7 am a 6 and at 11:15 am a 4.  She stated the baby's scores have fluctuated up and down so they would continue to monitor them and see how the baby continues to do.  She also stated BM tested negative for HIV/Aids.  

Social worker shared drug exposure affects everyone differently, with some children not being affected at all, and good intervention can help with learning disabilities, ADD, ADHD. 

Because BM tested positive for drugs at the hospital, CPS was notified, but information by the hospital social worker BM was working with this office and pursuing a private adoptive placement. (BM's request for adoption has also been noted in her hospital medical records.)  This office has spoken with CPS and will keep CPS informed when an adoptive parent(s) is chosen by birth mother. Because no adoptive family has yet been identified, CPS is requesting a judicial protective custody warrant and a hospital hold on the baby to prevent the risk of birth parent's removing baby from hospital, which would otherwise be their legal right, although BP's have made no movement to do so.  Once an adoptive parent(s) is chosen by BM and the match is made, CPS will be updated.  The CPS social worker stated although she could not speak for the next caseworker who takes over should the protective custody warrant and hospital hold be granted, upon an adoptive parent(s) being identified CPS can subsequently request the judge to dismiss the petition and close it out, which would then lift the hold on the baby and the adoptive parent(s) would be free to remove the baby from the hospital upon baby's discharge.      

Medical Records:  At this office for both BM and baby - remitted by hospital on March 15th. 

Medical Insurance:  BM has Medi-Cal to cover her hospital delivery. Although baby is expected to be discharged by early next week, should baby’s hospital stay end up extending into April, this office’s understanding is Medi-Cal will cover the baby through the end of March, up through April, 2019.  Adoptive parent(s) should be able to add the baby to their own medical insurance plan from the time they sign placement papers to cover any medical expenses not covered by Medi-Cal.  However, it is incumbent upon adoptive parent(s) to check and verify for themselves what Medi-Cal will cover, as well as checking with their medical insurance plan about what is necessary to add the baby onto their insurance and what coverage for the baby their medical plan allows for.  This office is not responsible for any medical bills incurred by either the birth mother or baby.  

Type of Adoption Post-Placement:  Birth Parents are hoping for an open adoption, but are flexible on this. They would like picture updates 3 times a year (Christmas and baby’s birthday and summertime and/or school photos. (Photos can be set up as a website which birth parents can access to view photos in lieu of, or in addition to, texting or mailing.)  They would like written updates as to how the child is doing minimally yearly, more often if the adoptive parent(s) would like.  They would prefer periodic phone calls to the adoptive parent(s) to touch base and see how the child is doing, but would be okay if the adoptive parent(s) prefer no telephonic contact.  They would prefer the ability to visit once a year with the adoptive parent(s) and child, but would be okay if adoptive parent(s) would feel more comfortable holding off on visits if and until the child is old enough to decide for itself if it would like visits.

If adoptive parent(s) are open to visits, any such request would need to be initiated by birth parents to adoptive parent(s) and arranged at a mutually convenient time and place.  Visits could be at a park for an afternoon; at a restaurant for an extended meal; adoptive parent(s) attorney’s office or agency.  It does not need to be at adoptive parent(s) or the birth parent’s home, unless adoptive parent(s) are comfortable with this.  If adoptive parent(s) reside outside of CA, visits could occur less often in the event  adoptive parent(s) were to travel back to CA for any visits.  BP’s do not see being in a position to travel out-of-state to adoptive parent(s) in the foreseeable future, but down the road, if the adoptive parents are open to visits, any out-of-state visits would need to be at BP’s own expense.

BF:  BF is aware and actively assisting in BM’s plans for an adoptive placement.  He is the BF of the child BM placed previously and was also active in assisting with the prior placement.  BF states his usual occupation is a mortgage underwriter, though he is presently not employed.  Birth father is willing to sign placement papers.

Birth Mother Estimated Living Expenses:  

Anticipated Birth Mother Living Expenses for 45 days:             $   6,000 approx.
(This estimate IS included in the overall adoption budget estimate below)

NOTE:  BM is flexible in the event the adoptive parent(s) she chooses are limited financially as to what they are able to assist with.  Any living expenses remitted to commence upon match.  Some of the below reflected living expenses may be reimbursed retroactively.   

Rent:                                                                                       $ 4500
 (Based on estimate of motel at $ 100/night for 45 days
BM is open to an Air BnB rental if it is a private rental
(she is not sharing space with a stranger), which would
be expected to be a less expensive route re:
housing expense)

Food                                                                                        $ 300
 (Based on 45 days)

Miscellaneous – Incl Personal Pads needed post-delivery,       $ 350
Hygiene Products, Toiletries, Laundry costs, replacement
IDs for both birth parents  
(Based on 45 days)
Transportation Expense – Bus Pass                                       $ 276  
(Based on 2 adult for 2 months at $69 per pass)
Post-Birth Maternity Clothes:                                                $ 300
(one time expense)


1 Cell phone for Birth Mother

Monthly charge for 2 month’s time of service to include
unlimited text and talk

does not cover this medication):

Suboxone – 30 day supply-  Estimated by social worker to be
$ 10 - $ 20 fee by supplying clinic with Medi-Cal assisting. 
However, BM states this drug runs $70 approx per 10 day

Dental Work – IF adoptive parent(s) are able to assist with this expense and   IF LEGAL COUNSEL DEEMS THIS AN APPROPRIATE AND LEGAL LIVING EXPENSE.  BM is complaining of problems with 2 teeth due to lack of calcium during the pregnancy.  BM is willing to forego this assistance by adoptive parent(s) if they are not financially able to assist with this expense.

Note:  The above reflect anticipated Living Expenses based upon the BM’s current living situation and needs.  It is always possible living expenses may change should a change occur in the birth mother’s circumstances.  
Details as to the above listed Living Expenses:  BM is homeless and would ideally like temporary housing while she is recovery from delivering.  Housing can be a motel (such as an Extended Stay or Motel 6) or Airbnb rental.  If housing is a motel, expect housing expense to run an estimated $ 100 per day, although motels typically do discount their rates if booking on a weekly basis.  BM can locate the housing on her own (to be approved by adoptive parent(s) or adoptive parent(s) can assist.  BM would like to remain in the same general area she is presently in.

In addition to housing, additional living expenses would be assistance with food of approximately $ 300 per month (BM is receiving food stamp assistance, but it runs out before the end of the month), a cell phone which allows for unlimited talking and texts. (One would need to be purchased and supplied by adoptive parent(s).)   A bus pass for both BM and BF, as BF would need to accompany BM to grocery/any medical appointments/clothes shopping and any adoption related ventures.

BM is in need of clothes, including shoes – estimated to run $ 300 approximately. 

BM would also like assistance with the cost associated with her continuing to take medication to help her wean off drugs.  She was given Methadone in the hospital, but would like to switch to Suboxone and is requesting assistance with a 30 day supply.  BM states her Medi-Cal will cover any doctor visits related to obtaining this medication, but she is unsure whether the cost of the medication will be covered by Medi-Cal.

Estimated Fees and Costs Summary for "Bree":

With a Independent Placement:                                      $ 33,000 - (Contact the office for a more detailed breakdown of this estimate)

Estimate includes office's Facilitation Fee, Birth Mother Living Expenses and Legal Fees/Costs.
Home Study fees/Costs and Travel are NOT included in this estimate
This estimate is based upon a CA finalization.  CA allows non-resident finalizations as of January 1, 2003

NOTE:  The above reflected Anticipated Fees/Costs is only an estimate.  Factors can vary in an adoption and are always subject to change, thus affecting anticipated fees/costs.  These factors include (but not limited to) when a match and birth occur, what legal tasks legal counsel deems appropriate and necessary, as well as whom Adoptive Parent(s) may choose to retain as their legal counsel and where they choose to finalize their adoption.  The legal fees/costs included in the $ 33,000 estimate were arrived at by obtaining a quote from local legal counsel as to what their fee would be if retained by adoptive parent(s) to handle this adoption. However, Adoptive Parent(s) may hire any legal counsel of their choosing to handle the legal aspects of this adoption plan.  Referrals are available upon request. 

As the baby is already born, it is necessary that one have immediate access to funds in order to finance this adoptive placement, should they wish to be presented to this birth mother.  Please do not request to have your profile remitted if you are not in a position both emotionally and financially to accept imminent placement of this baby!

Facilitation Fee:  This office’s facilitation fee will become due and payable in full to this office at the time adoptive parent(s) accept a match and sign this office’s facilitation contract.  This fee is non-reimbursable in the event of a failed match/adoption.  In such event, the contract would continue forward and the office would continue to assist adoptive parent(s) in their pursuit of a re-match with another birth mother. 

When Fees Become Due: 

This office’s facilitation fee will become due at time of matching.  Facilitation contract and fee will need to be remitted to the office by the day following the match.  This fee is included in the Estimated Fees and Costs Summary reflected above. 

Legals subsequently to be remitted directly to adoptive parent(s) legal counsel by adoptive parent(s) following match upon retaining legal counsel.

As the baby is already born, Adoptive Parents to confer with legal counsel as to the best way to disburse living expenses.

What happens if match does not successfully complete:  Should this adoption plan disrupt for any reason, the facilitation fee will roll over in full and can be applied to a subsequent adoption plan. There are no refunds, nor re-match fees, per the terms of the Facilitation Contractual Agreement.  Birth mother living expenses would cease at such time should the placement disrupt.  Any monies remitted for legals not yet performed should be reimbursed back, but check directly with the legal entity you choose to utilize as to their policy in the event of a disruption.  

Do I need to have a completed home study in order to be presented to a birth mother?
With a California birth mother, a California resident can choose to have their home study done following placement of a child.  A non-California resident will need a completed, current, home study in order to be presented to this BM. 

If I do not reside in CA, how long can I expect to stay in CA prior to returning home? 
This office has no control over when adoptive parent(s) are legally able to return home.  However, one can expect their stay to be approximately 1-2 weeks.  Timing is dependent upon various factors including, but not limited to, when the hospital releases the medical records of the birth mother and child; the day of the week birth mother signs termination papers (paperwork required to return home is not processed on weekends or holidays); and when Interstate Compact clearance is granted to return home.  In an Independent Placement, the sending state (CA in this case) generally grants clearance timely (within one to two business days typically), while the receiving state (the state of residency of the adoptive parents) may take a week or so, but typically grants clearance within a few days of receipt of the ICPC package received from California.    

Note:  In the case of a couple adopting, it is not necessary that both adoptive parents come to CA for the placement or, if both travel to CA for the placement, both remain in CA until clearance is granted to return home. 

If I do not reside in CA, do I need to return to CA for the finalization?
Generally not.  There is a document legal counsel can file asking the court to waive your appearance at the finalization.

I would like my profile shared.  Do I need to contract on with Adoption Consultants, Inc. to become a client in order to have my profile (Dear Birthmother letter) shared? 
No, contracting with the office in order to have your profile shared is not required.  You may do so if you desire, but it is not necessary.  As a registered participant in the Registration Program, you may have your profile shared as well.  Instructions for registering appear below.   

What if I am already a client of another adoption office?  Would I still need to register with Adoption Consultants Inc and remit a facilitation fee if I am selected and match with this birthmother?  Yes.  As Adoption Consultants Inc. is not an affiliate of any other adoption office, in order for this office to present your profile to a birth mother this office is assisting, a working relationship would need to be established between the office and yourselves through our Registration Program.  Should you be selected by the birthmother and wish to match, facilitation fees would become due and payable to Adoption Consultants Inc., per the terms of our Registration Form and Agreement. (One can always contract on with the office instead in the Contractual Facilitation Program and bypass the Registration Program and fee should they so choose.)

What’s the next step involved to have my profile shared with this expectant birthmother?  If you are currently registered with the office, simply e-mail the office with your request to have your profile shared with this BM, including an electronic copy of your profile, which will then be promptly be remitted on the BM.  

If you are not registered with this office (or your registration with the office has expired), it will be necessary to register in order to have your profile shared.  (See the bottom of this page for information as to how to Register with Adoption Consultants Inc.)

In remitting an electronic copy of your profile, please be sure there is NO identifying information included in your profile outside of this office’s information!  (NO e-mail addresses, contact numbers, outside adoption offices info, or last names for instance.  First names and city and state are fine to include.)  

For additional questions, please contact the office at (818) 766-2222.   In the event you should reach the office’s voicemail, kindly leave a message and your call will be returned as timely as possible.

Should you know of any prospective adoptive families who might be interested in this situation, please feel free to pass this on to them for consideration. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Options to Register (Or Re-Register if your registration has expired.)

You may choose to register as a registered participant in ACI’s Registration Program in one of three ways:  

Option 1:  $ 200 for unlimited presentations of your birthmother letter to expectant mothers and/or birthmothers for 1 consecutive calendar year

Option 2:  $ 300 for unlimited presentations of your birthmother letter to expectant mothers and/or birthmothers for 2 consecutive calendar years

Option 3:  $ 100 for a one time only presentation to this particular birth mother.  

Registration Fee may be remitted via PayPal through our website (using your PayPal account or a personal credit card)

How to Register:
Please contact the office to obtain a copy of Adoption Consultant Inc.'s Registration Form. 

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