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 Assisting birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in creating their own unique adoption plan​​

Call Us - Birth Mother Line

Adoptive Parent Line: (818) 766-2222

Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588

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Commonly Asked Questions of Birth Parents:

Is adoption right for me?
Choosing adoption as an option is an extremely personal choice,and not one easily made. When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, difficult decisions are required. It is a time for reflection, as well as looking into the future...your baby’s future. Are you in a stable and committed relationship? Do you have a dependable support network to help you raise a child? Are you financially secure? Do you believe you can attend to your child’s emotional and physical needs? Do you feel ready and able to parent? Would another child add additional strain to an already tenuous situation? When a woman chooses adoption, it typically is because she knows the adoptive parents she will choose are eager to parent, financially stable, and emotionally prepared for a family. They are at a place in their lives where a child will only enhance their lives.  Because they have planned for a child, they are in a position to offer your child a secure, loving and nurturing home, as well as a life filled with endless opportunities If you believe such a family would be able to meet your child’s needs better than your current circumstances may allow for, adoption may just the right choice for you and your baby!

Are there any costs to myself?
No. All services we provide are free to birth parents, including adoption education, guidance and emotional support. We offer consulting services to help you learn more about the adoption process, consider your available options, and sort out the feelings and emotions you may be experiencing. We can arrange for you to speak with a reputable and ethical adoption attorney and/or licensed agency about the adoption process and your legal rights, at no cost to yourself. Counseling is also available. Should you choose to pursue an adoption plan, a Birth Mother Advisor can help you create an adoption plan which meets your emotional needs and comfort level. The adoptive family you choose will cover pregnancy related living expenses as allowed by law, medical bills which are not covered by insurance, legal and counseling fees.
If I choose adoption will my privacy be maintained?
Yes. All birth mothers differ on whom they choose to tell about their adoption plan. We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality. You maintain the right to decide who will know about your adoption plan and when they will know. We will never contact your family or friends to discuss your plans for adoption, unless you give us specific permission to. You can speak freely with our office, knowing your right to privacy will be respected.

When would I need to decide about adoption?
You may decide at any time either during the pregnancy, or after the birth of your child. It is not uncommon for a birth mother to contact us from the hospital requesting an adoptive family. We can help you on a moments notice. Our role is to assist women in a supportive, non-judgmental manner and without pressure, in considering their various options. We are here for you! Whatever decision you make will be respected. We strongly believe in your right to make the decision you believe is best for you and your child. All of our services to birth parents are free. If you would like to meet with one of our caring birth mother advisors, we invite you to contact us 24/7 at: 1-800-605-4588.
What is Adoption Consultants Inc.'s role?
Adoption Consultants, Inc. is a state regulated adoption facilitation service, assisting birth parents and adoptive parents across the United States. Our role is to provide you with emotional support, guidance and education. We can provide you with information about the adoption process, as well as help you explore your options. Our office is non-judgmental and supportive. We are here to assist you in the manner in which you need, without any pressure. If you choose adoption, a Birth Mother Advisor will provide you with emotional support every step of the way, throughout the adoption process and beyond. We are available to you 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Due to the size of our organization, we are able to spend more time assisting you in facilitating a custom adoption plan to best fit your needs. Once a family has been selected, we will arrange for allowable living expense assistance to assist you through your pregnancy. We will arrange for you to speak with a reputable adoption attorney and/or licensed agency who will advise you as to your legal rights. We will also assist you in obtaining counseling to help ensure all of your emotional needs are being met, and to help prepare you for the emotions you may feel during the pregnancy, at birth, and beyond. There is no cost to you for these services.
Can you help me if I live out-of-state?
Yes. We help you assist you in creating an adoption plan and selecting a family, arrange for you to speak with and/or meet the adoptive parents, and arrange for a local adoption professional the office networks with to assist you with all of your legal needs. Of course, a Birth Mother Advisor's ongoing emotional support and guidance will continue throughout via our office's accessibility 24 hours/7 days a week!

Can you help me if my child has a medical issue or disability?
Yes. We work with adoptive families across the United States who are open to drug exposed children, children with medical issues and/or a  special needs child.

Can you help me with housing?
Yes. Most states allow assistance with housing expenses. The adoptive family you choose will cover this expense for you. If you do not have current housing, or need to relocate, we can help you to locate housing. Additionally, some adoptive families are open to housing a birth mother themselves during the term of her pregnancy. if this is something you may feel comfortable with.

What information do I need to provide?
We can get started with a proof of pregnancy. If you choose to pursue an adoption plan, background information forms covering medical/health history and social history. This information can prove vital in the future should your child ever suffer from a medical problem. The social background can help your child understand more about you and their history when they become older.
What is the difference between an "open" or a "closed" adoption?
"Open" versus "Closed" refers to the degree of contact you will have with the adoptive family you choose. Essentially, in an “open” adoption, you will have contact with the adoptive family. You may also choose to receive ongoing letter and picture updates, periodic telephone contact, as well as visits. In a “closed” adoption, you have no contact with the adoptive family, although you may still choose to receive letter and picture updates. There are variations to both “open” and “closed” adoptions. We will review with you the degree of contact with the adopting family you prefer to have both pre and post birth.

How would I go about choosing the potential adoptive parents I may be interested in for my child?
First you share with us your preferences as to the type of adoptive parents you would like. Some birth mothers prefer a family to be in their 20’s or 30’s, while others prefer a family in their 40’s or older; some prefer a family who already has children, while others prefer a childless couple; some prefer the family live in a certain state; for some, the religion of the adoptive family is important. Once we have discussed your criteria, we will give you profiles to review. You may then choose to speak with families who interest you and/or meet them. We can help set up the initial contact and arrange a meeting in our office, if you choose. Should you meet in our office, a caring and supportive Birth Mother Advisor will be present to help facilitate the meeting. You may take as much time as you need getting to know the family in order to feel secure in your decision. Once you have selected an adoptive family for your baby, you may decide how much contact you would like with the family. Some birth mothers prefer a very open adoption, spending time together visiting, as well as chatting on the telephone and e-mailing. Some prefer a lesser degree of contact. Some prefer not to speak with or meet the family. You retain the right to decide for yourself how much contact you would feel comfortable with pre and post-birth.
Can I receive counseling?
Yes. At any time in the adoption process, pre or post-birth, you may choose to receive counseling to help prepare you for the emotions you may feel during the adoptive process, at birth and beyond. We highly encourage counseling as a means of ensuring you receive all the emotional support you need to make the right decision for you and your baby. We truly want you to feel comfortable with your decision. Counseling is available to you at no cost.

How much contact will I have with the adoptive family I have chosen after I deliver?
As much or as little as you would like. Some birth mothers prefer ongoing letters and pictures, while others would also like ongoing telephonic contact and, perhaps, visits. And although some birth mothers may have preferred a very “open” adoption plan pre-birth, post-birth they may prefer little, if any, contact. When creating your adoption plan, a Birth Mother Advisor will help you explore these options so you can create a plan which will truly meets your emotional needs. We will share with you profiles of adoptive parents whose comfort level with contact pre and post-birth contact is similar to yours.

How can I feel confident I have chosen a good family for my baby or child?
Adoption Consultants, Inc. screens and pre-qualifies our adoptive parents. All adoptive parents must complete a home study in their state of residency, which is an approval process by the state in which the adoptive parents reside. It certifies the adoptive parents are qualified to adopt. It includes an extensive evaluation as to their medical history, lifestyle, marital stability, financial status, as well as a criminal and child abuse background check. As part of the home study process, a social worker will visit their home to make sure it is a safe environment in which to raise a child. Only once the home study process is completed may a family have their adoption finalized. ​

You may take as much time as you need, and spend as much time as you feel necessary, getting to know any family you are considering before making a decision to place your baby with them. You may choose to speak with and/or meet as many adoptive parents as you like. Ultimately, your heart will lead you in the right direction, and you will know when you have found just the right family for your baby.

Will I be able to receive living expense assistance during my pregnancy?
Most states do allow pregnancy related living expense assistance, such as rent, utilities, food, transportation and maternity clothing. Additionally, counseling, medical services and legal services will be provided you at no cost.

Will I be responsible for any medical expenses in connection with my pregnancy?
No. The adoptive family you choose will be responsible for any pregnancy related medical expenses which are not covered by private insurance or your state’s medical plan. In the event you have private insurance, the family will cover any co-pays or deductibles. If you do not have private insurance, and if you qualify, we can assist you in applying for your state’s medical plan. In any event, you will not be responsible for any medical expenses.

What are the birth father's rights?
Birth Father rights vary from state to state. If you know who the birth father is and he can be located, he would need to be notified about the adoption. We can speak with him about the process if you would like. You do not need to have any contact with the birth father if you do not want to. Any necessary contact can be handled by our office, if you prefer. In such event, your privacy would be respected, and no information would be shared about you with the birth father. If you do not know who the birth father is, or if you do not know where he can be located, there is a legal process to handle such situations. Should a birth father be hesitant about adoption, generally once the process is explained and he feels included, and not shut out, many birth fathers come to the realization they are not ready to parent and adoption is the best option.
Do I have to go to an attorney's office?
No. Generally any required paperwork can be mailed to you.

Do I need to go to court?​​
No, you do not.

I am concerned about what my child may think of me in the future for having chosen an adoption for them?  What will the adoptive family tell my child about me?
The family you choose will be given a copy of the background information you provided our office, as well as any photographs you would like the family to have. They will also be able to share their warm and positive experiences of getting to know you during the pregnancy, and what a remarkable person you are for having been able to make such a difficultand painful decision, considering only what was best for your child. An adoptive parent realizes it takes great inner strength for a woman to put the needs of her child above her own, and to make the ultimate selfless decision to give her child the best possible start in life through adoption. You may choose to write a letter to your child, telling them in your own words why you make the choice you did. You may also choose to send ongoing letters and/or photos to the family, which they can continue to share. Families are counseled as to when a child is old enough to understand and comprehend the concept of adoption, and how to convey to a child how special they are, how loved they are by you and their adoptive parents, how wanted they were by both, and how your choice of adoption was made out of deep love and concern for your child, their best interests and secure future.

What if I should change my mind about adoption?
Counseling will be available to you to help you be sure you have made the right decision for you and your baby, as well as to help prepare you for the emotions you may feel during the pregnancy, at birth and beyond. We will only facilitate an adoption plan between you and an adoptive family when you feel committed to an adoption plan. You are permitted by law to change your mind up until the time your rights have been terminated after birth. However, we urge you to only enter into an adoption plan upon careful reflection and when you truly believe adoption is the best option for you and your baby, as many lives are affected by your decision. It is important to take your time in making this decision. We can assist you with an adoption plan even after your baby has been born.

When will my parental rights be terminated?
Termination laws vary from state-to-state. Under California law, an Adoption Placement Agreement is signed after the baby’s birth. You then have 30 days until it becomes irrevocable. On the 31st day, the adoption is irrevocable and permanent. You can choose to sign a Waiver shorten this time. Alternatively, you may sign a Relinquishment anytime after the hospital discharge order is given. The Relinquishment can be filed as soon as the end of the next business day upon your request. The attorney/agency hired to assist you with your termination of parental rights will advise you on this issue, as well as explain your legal rights to you. Further, you will not be asked to sign any documents until you have a full understanding of them and feel emotionally ready to sign.

How can I be sure my rights are protected and my adoption plan is properly handled?
An attorney or licensed agency will be retained to attend to the legalities of the adoption plan at no cost to you.  They can explain your legal rights, as well as the adoption process.

How might I expect I may be feeling after placing my child for adoption?
It is not uncommon for a birth mother to experience feelings of sadness and loss following birth and placement. These feelings are not unusual and, in fact, are part of the healing process. We urge our birth mothers obtain counseling prior to birth to help prepare them for the emotions they may feel. We also believe it is very important for a birth mother to continue counseling after birth to help them work through their emotions and heal quicker. Therapeutic counseling is available to all birth mothers at no cost. Birth mothers who have placed their child for adoption typically find emotions such as sadness or loss do diminish with time, and that the knowledge of knowing they have helped give their child the best possible start in life provides them with a source of strength from which to draw and heal.

What do I do next if I would like to futher explore the option of adoption with Adoption Consultants Inc.?
You can contact the office either by e-mail ([email protected]); text (818-744-8222); Private Messenger via our Facebook Page ( or by telephone - 24/7: 1-800-605-4588. A Birth Mother Advisor will be happy to answer all of your questions about adoption, and help you consider your available options. If you choose to pursue an adoption plan, an advisor can help you to create one which meets your emotional needs and comfort level. We will provide you with profiles of families waiting to adopt. Once you have found a family you are interested in, we can arrange for you to speak with them and/or meet them, depending on your comfort level.

  ~ A Birth Mother Advisor is always available to speak with you 24/7 days a week, including evenings, weekends and even holidays! ~
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