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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Adoption Consultants Inc. Facilitation Center?
Adoption Consultants is a state regulated adoption facilitation service, assisting adoptive parents across the United States in adopting. Adoption Consultants was founded by Cathy Mantell who has worked in the adoption field since 1989. Adoption Consultants, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau in good standing, enjoying an A+ rating - the highest possible rating! The office is not a licensed adoption agency nor adoption attorney, but works hand-in-hand with licensed agencies and ACAL/AAAA adoption attorneys nationwide in facilitating our adoptions. Our Center provides affordable Facilitation Services through our Contractual Facilitation Program, as well as a Registration Program for those who prefer not to remit facilitation fees prior to locating a birth mother. Our role is to provide you with adoption education, guidance and emotional support, as well as to assist you in designing an adoption plan that best fits your needs, both emotionally and financially. The office provides a caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment for you to freely explore and pursue adoption. Individuals of all ages, races and marital status are welcome!
How are adoption facilitators regulated?
Adoption facilitators must adhere to state laws and regulations. Adoption Consultants, Inc. is based in California, and is therefore governed by California’s regulations. As defined by the State of California, Family Code commencing with Chapter 1.5, Section 8623: “Adoption facilitators may advertise for the purpose of soliciting parties to an adoption or locating children for an adoption, and may act as an intermediary between the parties to an adoption.”
What may some of the advantages be of using Adoption Consultants Inc. over an attorney or agency?
There are many advantages. The primary focus of Adoption Consultants, Inc. is to locate birth mothers on a routine and ongoing basis. Many adoption attorneys and agencies may acknowledge this is not their area of expertise, and they have very limited, if any, programs by which to locate potential birth mothers. This means they typically do not search for or locate birth mothers. If any programs do exist, they are generally very limited in scope due to lack of time or staff necessary to allocate towards an aggressive birth mother search program through advertising, networking and outreach. Alternatively, their primary focus tends to be on maintaining an adoption plan already in place and assisting adoptive parents as to the legal aspects of their adoption, not necessarily on the birth mother search process. Therefore, choosing to work with an adoption attorney or agency may tend to lengthen one's wait time to adopt. For example, it is not unusual for an adoptive parent seeking to adopt a Caucasian newborn infant to wait 3-5 years using the services of an attorney or agency to locate a birth mother. Even those open to a bi-racial placement may wait some time before mutually matching with a birth mother. ​

A key to being able to adopt in a timely fashion remains exposure. Getting your birth mother letter out to as many birth mothers as possible, as often as possible. Statistically speaking, the more often your letter is shared with birth mothers, the quicker you may be selected. At Adoption Consultants, Inc. we work tirelessly and focus our efforts on providing an aggressive birth mother search program in order to present your birth mother letter to as many birth mothers as possible, in as timely as fashion as possible. To help achieve this goal, in addition to our general advertising and nationwide outreach programs to locate birth mothers, Adoption Consultants Inc. routinely physically goes out into local and surrounding communities visiting facilities birth mothers may contact for assistance, such as hospitals, medical and community facilities to ensure these facilities are well aware of the services this office provides to birth mothers, and that they have an ample supply of our materials on hand to share with birth mothers who are exploring their options.  Our materials are also remitted to facilities which geographically the office is unable to personally visit. The office also offers and conducts in-services, speaking via educational lectures and presentations to organizations who assist birth mothers in an effort to help better educate them as to the process of adoption, as well as about the wide variety of adoption plans available to birth mothers. Adoption Consultants, Inc. firmly believes when a organization comes to know you personally through continuing, ongoing and routine contact, they will think of your services and share them when a birth mother is seeking direction and options. Adoption Consultants, Inc. also has a nationwide network of professional contacts comprising of adoption professionals,primarily licensed adoption agencies and AAAA/ACAL attorneys. ​
What is the cost of adoption?
Adoption Consultants Inc. assesses a reasonable fee for services (without any re-match fees), and structures payments over time to help alleviate financial constraints for our clients. Many adoption organizations request either their full fee up front, or payable over a short period of time. In our Contractual Facilitation Program, the facilitation fee is divided into two parts: an initial remittance of
less than half of our facilitation fee becoming due at the time a Facilitation Contractual Agreement is remitted, with the balance ONLY becoming due at the time a birth mother and adoptive parent mutually agree to enter into an adoption plan. Not only do we find this method assists our families in financing their adoption pursuit, but also provides them with peace of mind in knowing the balance of their fee will not become due until a birth mother they deem suitable should be located. Additionally, should you choose to terminate the adoption process pre-match, the balance remaining will NOT apply. ​ Once matched, the office does not assess additional fees for the ongoing post-match services it provides while guiding our clients through the adoption process. In the event your adoption plan does not successfully complete for any reason, Adoption Consultants Inc. does not assess re-match fees to render additional facilitation services under the existing terms of its Facilitation Contractual Agreement. ​ ​ You may always choose to pass or terminate an adoption plan in the event any information received regarding the birth parent(s) or child is not acceptable. Your decision will always be supported! ​ Contact the office to obtain our current facilitation fee. In addition to our facilitation fee, you will need to budget for legal fees and home study fees, any travel expenses, as well as any legally allowable pregnancy related living expense assistance you are comfortable assisting with. Generally legal, home study fees, and any birth mother living expense assistance can be staggered throughout the course of your adoption plan.

Adoption Consultants Inc. maintains a very limited clientele base in our Contractual Facilitation Program (currently limited to 20 families approximately) in order to better provide each client with individualized attention, as well as to help increase the visibility of one's profile (Birth Mother letter), to potential birth mothers, with the goal that each client might be able to realize their dream to adopt, and within as timely a manner as is possible. Many adoption organizations, including attorneys and agencies, do not limit their clientele. Many maintain in excess of 100-300+ clients, slowing down the process and increasing wait time. Additionally, many agencies maintain a wait list. You have no input as to the type of adoption plan, birth mother, or baby you are seeking. With Adoption Consultants Inc., the office will work with you to create an adoption plan that specifically meets your individual needs and comfort level. You can choose any criteria you feel is important in locating just the right birth mother for you. Many attorneys and agencies do not allow you to select your own criteria, leaving you no choice as to what birth mother traits you deem to be important. By utilizing the services of Adoption Consultants Inc. you may reduce your wait time to be selected by a birth mother, in addition to having the opportunity to specify what criteria you feel isimportant to you!
Since Adoption Consultants Inc. is located in California are you able to assist prospective adoptive families outside of California?
Yes. Adoption Consultants Inc. provides services to prospective adoptive parents from across the United States. We are a nationwide adoption facilitation center! Should you be unsure if your state allows its residents to use the services of an out-of-state adoption facilitator, contact the office and we can help direct you as to how to obtain this information.
Can you be reached after hours and on the weekends?
Yes. Unlike many other adoption organizations, the office provides our contracted families with a number of ways to contact us after business hours should an emergency arise. The office is also reachable on holidays, as well. ​ Adoption Consultants Inc. is available to birth mothers 24 hours/7 days a week. The office answers our birth mother lines directly after hours in the evenings and during the weekends, including holidays. These are prime hours birth mothers may place their initial call for help. Being available for immediate assistance eliminates the risk of losing a birth mother by not connecting immediately.
What is the difference between an "open" versus a "closed" adoption?
 "Open" versus "Closed" refers to the amount of contact you will have with a birth mother pre and post birth. In an “open” adoption, you will have some degree of contact with a birth mother, at least pre-birth. Post-birth, it is not unusual for adoptive parents to send letter and picture updates to their birth mother for some period of time to be agreed upon in advance. In a “closed” adoption, you would have no contact with the birth mother, pre or post birth. There are variations to an ”open” or “closed” adoption. Some birth mothers prefer an “open” adoption plan pre-birth, but feel comfortable with a “closed” adoption post-birth. When the office works with you to create an adoption plan, we will discuss with you what degree of contact you are comfortable with, both pre and post-birth. Your birth mother letter will be presented to birth mothers who share your comfort level.
Do I need to hire an adoption attorney and/or licensed adoption agency to handle the legal aspects of my adoption?
Yes. At the time you and a birth mother have mutually selected each other for the purpose of pursuing and completing an adoption plan, you must seek legal advice and services of an adoption attorney and/or licensed agency to handle the legal aspects of your adoption plan, including termination of parental rights and finalization, as well as ensure the laws of both your state as well as the birth mother’s state are abided by. You may choose any attorney or agency you wish. However, Adoption Consultants Inc. has adoption professionals the office networks with in most states to refer you to, upon request. Once matched, the office will continue to guide you throughout the process.
What is a home study and must I have one?
 A home study is not required in order for you to be presented to a birth mother involved in a private adoption. However, a completed, approved, current, updated home study is required before you may take placement of a child and leave the sending state with the child being adopted. (Exception: California allows California residents to begin their home study after the child has been placed if both the adoptive parents and birth mother are both residents of California.) ​
A home study is an approval process by the state in which you reside. It certifies you are qualified to adopt, and usually involves several interviews, an extensive evaluation as to your medical history, lifestyle, marital stability, financial status, as well as a criminal and child abuse background check. As part of the home study process, a social worker will visit your home to make sure it is a safe environment in which to raise a child. A current, updated, complete, approved home study will typically consist of fingerprint reports, child abuse index reports, supporting documentation, and a written report. Adoption Consultants Inc. can recommend an organization in your state, or directyou to where you can obtain a home study.
Why utilize the services of Adoption Consultants Inc. to help assist me in locating a birth mother rather than placing my own ads?
Some clients of Adoption Consultants Inc. do choose to locate their own birth mother in an effort to minimize their overall adoption costs. However, individual advertising can run prospective adoptive parents several thousand dollars within a very short period of time. It may not be uncommon for one to run out of advertising dollars prior to locating a suitable birth mother. For those prospective adoptive parents who prefer Adoption Consultants Inc. to assist them by searching for a potentially suitable birth mother through our Contractual Facilitation Program, the office provides general advertising and outreach targeted to reach potential birth mothers. As part of the office's current outreach program, Adoption Consultants Inc. also distributes our own Adoption Book of Waiting Families to organizations that assist pregnant women. Through our Contractual Facilitation Program, you don’t have to worry about running out of advertising dollars, as only a partial initial remittance of less than-half of our standard facilitation fee is due upon contracting. As a Contracted Facilitation client of Adoption Consultants Inc., upon your providing the office with your profile (Birth Mother letter), we can present you to birth mothers whose criteria you meet, as well as who meet your criteria. To learn more about our Contractual Facilitation Program, Click: Contractual Facilitation Program . View our Comparison Chart to learn why we believe our Contractual Facilitation Program truly does excel over other adoption programs!
What is a Birth Mother letter?
A Birth Mother letter is a letter of introduction you write to potential birth mothers which represents your lifestyle. It typically addresses who you are as individual(s), your hobbies and interests, what you hope to offer to a child, and why you want to adopt. It will either include color photographs attached and/or incorporated within. As a contracted client of Adoption Consultants Inc., the office will provide you with guidelines and share sample birth mother letters with you to assist you in creating your Birth Mother letter. It will also assist you with the selection of images to utilize within your Birth Mother letter, and help you finalize your Birth Mother letter. Your Birth Mother letter is a very important and integral part of the adoption process, as it will serve as your initial introduction to a birth mother.
How long might it take to be chosen by a birth mother?
This is a very difficult question to answer, as much depends on a great many factors. Depending on your criteria, how open or broad it may be versus how narrow or restrictive it may be, one's wait time to be selected by a birth mother may vary greatly. If you are gender specific, although the office will work with you, being so may extend your wait. Additionally, waiting for the right birth mother may be more of a challenge if: you are limited regarding race/ethnicity, already have several children, you are over age 50, your ability to financially assist a birth mother with legally allowable pregnancy living expense support is limited, you have a non-traditional lifestyle, and/or if you are particular about a birth mother’s physical appearance and/or lifestyle. If you are open to gender, race and/or special circumstances, your wait can be greatly reduced than for an adoptive family who stipulates a specific race, gender, birth location and/or limits birth mother pregnancy related living expense assistance. The length of time one may wait is also dependent upon one’s desirability to a birth mother, as well as the flexibility of the adoptive family. Adoption Consultants Inc.'s goal is always to introduce you to a birth mother in as timely a manner as is possible! Our quickest matches have been 2-3 days!

The office maintains a limited clientele base in our Contractual Facilitation Program (currently limited to 20 families approximately) to help provide each Client with increased visibility of their profile (Birth Mother letter), in addition to maintaining an active ongoing advertising and outreach program in its ongoing efforts to reach potential birth mothers with unplanned pregnancies who may be interested in adoption as an option. By severely limiting the clientele base, this assures our contracted clients their profile (Birth Mother letter) can be shared with a potential birth mother whenever their criteria matches with a birth mother's, whereas other adoption offices who maintain much larger clientele bases (not uncommonly 100+) may not present a client's profile even though their criteria matches with a birth mother's simply because there are too many other clients vying for the same potential birth mother situation to be able to present every client's profile. The more your profile (Birth Mother letter) can be shared, the greater the chances of being selected by a birth mother, and selected sooner than later!​
What might a birth mother be looking for in her choice of an adoptive family?
Each birth mother's criteria may differ based on their own unique and individual background and life circumstance. However, for most birth mothers it is important the family she select are financially stable and secure, and are in a position in their lives to be able to offer a child all that she cannot, including a warm, loving and nurturing environment in which to grow and thrive. Most are seeking a better life for their child than what they feel they are able to offer. For some birth mothers, the age of the adoptive parents is a criteria, as well as the state the family reside in, if there might be a stay-at-home parent as the child grows up, or if they have other children (how many, their ages, and if they are biological and/or adopted) and what their religion is. For others, it is not unusual for a birth mother to have no idea of what they are looking for in an adoptive family….they will just know the right family when they come across them. It is also not uncommon to choose an adoptive family based on instinct. Because all prospective adoptive families may differ in their own unique way, it is fortunate there is so much variation between what birth mothers may be seeking in an adoptive family for their child!

Will my/our age be a problem?
Birth mothers may view age very differently from one another. For instance, some birth mothers may consider an adoptive parent/couple in their 20’s to be too young, preferring someone older in age. Some mayfeel an adoptive parent/couple in their mid-30’s or 40’s is too old, instead preferring an adoptive parent(s) in their 20’s or early 30's. Some birth mothers feel most comfortable with an adoptive parent(s) in their 40’s or older. Adoptive parents can be over the age of 50 and still be able to adopt, although it may be more of a challenge. More important than age may be a couple’s lifestyle and who they are as individuals. This is what may most attract a birth mother to an adoptive parent(s).

Will a birth mother choose me if I/we already have children?
Having other children should not prevent you from being able to adopt, as many people who are already parents have certainly been able to adopt. Although some birth mothers may prefer an adoptive parent(s) who is childless, for others it may be very important the adoptive parent(s) they select already have children in the household so there will be siblings for the child to grow up with!

I am single.  Is it possible for me to adopt?
There are birth mothers who understand that just because they may not in a position in their lives to be able to parent as a single parent, there are single adoptive parents for whom parenting would pose no difficulty at all and, in fact, would only serve to greatly enhance their lives. With enough exposure, single individuals should be able to adopt as well!  In fact, Adoption Consultants Inc. has assisted several single parents in adopting!

Do you limit the number of prospective adoptive parents you assist?
Yes. Adoption Consultants Inc. maintains a limited clientele base in its Contractual Facilitation Program, currently limited to 20 families approximately. Through limiting the number of facilitation clients we work with, the office is better able to maximize our clients’ exposure to potential birth mothers, meaning whenever your criteria meets a birth mother's criteria, your profile will definitely be able to be shared with her! With such a limited clientele base, only a minimal number of profiles are initially remitted to a birth mother for review. What this translates to for our contracted clients is greater visibility of one's profile, as a contracted client's profile is not being lost against dozens, much less hundreds, of other prospective adoptive parent's profiles similarly vying for a birth mother's attention and consideration, as may not be so uncommon with some other adoption offices with larger clientele bases. It is not unusual for other adoption organizations (facilitators, agencies and attorneys) to maintain in excess of 100-300+ clients, as accepting more clients generates more fees for the adoption office, while it also slows down the process and increases a prospective adoptive parent's wait time, which isn't great for waiting families. Furthermore, even if you should meet a birth mother’s criteria, your profile may not necessarily be shared by an adoption office with a large clientele base, as numerous other clients also may meet her criteria and the adoption office may only be able to share so many profiles with a birth mother before overwhelming her with too many profiles to consider. ​ At Adoption Consultants Inc., given our limited clientele base, each time your criteria meets a birth mother's criteria, you are assured your profile will be shared!
How does Adoption Consultants Inc. handle an initial telephone call from a birth mother and what happens thereafter?
In a caring, sensitive and non-judgmental manner, the office inquires into a variety of sensitive areas, such as a birth mother's reasons for considering adoption, expected due date, degree of birth father involvement, general health/pre-natal care, ethnicity of birth parents, any pregnancy related living expense financial needs, need for financial medical assistance, substance use (drugs, alcohol, smoking), if she has considered other options, as well as how her family and friends, as well as the birth father’s family, have or might react to her plans for adoption to help assess her commitment toward adoption. A birth mother is provided with information about adoption and the adoptive process, and asked what is important to her in finding the right adoptive family for her baby/child. The office is available to personally meet with local birth mothers to further discuss adoption, help them create an adoption plan that best fits their emotional needs and comfort level, and to share prospective adoptive parent profiles. ​

Background paperwork is provided, including birth parent medical/health and psycho-social histories, and Authorization for Release of Medical Records. Proof of pregnancy is requested, and any photographs of herself, the birth father and any children she may have. The office also assists in obtaining available applicable medical records for the birth mother and child. When a birth mother selects you as an adoptive family she is would like to place with, you will be notified. The office openly shares with you information received regarding the birth parent(s) and baby’s health. The office also reports in writing to you information that is provided the office by the birth parent(s) concerning a particular child. The office can assist in setting up an initial telephone call and/or meeting. At the time you and a birth mother mutually decide to proceed forward with an adoption plan, the office will continue to keep you informed whenever there is information to share.
How many birth mother letters do you present to a birth mother?
With such a limited clientele base (currently limited to 20 families approximately) only a minimal amount of profiles are initially remitted to a birth mother for review, dependent upon the birth mother’s criteria, how general or specific it is, as well as the client’s criteria. Because the office limits the number of contracted families it assists, our families never have to compete with hundreds of other families to have their profile shown to potentially suitable birth mothers, a definite plus!

By the time a birth mother selects an adoptive parent(s), how far along in the pregnancy is she generally?
A birth mother may call Adoption Consultants, Inc. when she is only a few weeks pregnant, or she may call after she has delivered the baby. Some may call when the baby is already 1 or 2-years-old. Typically, a birth mother is in her final trimester of pregnancy when calling. ​

Should a birth mother contact us when she is only a few weeks pregnant, the office will nurture our relationship along. providing her with education, emotional support, and guidance. Profiles of prospective adoptive families will be shared with her to give her an idea of the different types of families waiting to adopt, and to help her begin to get excited about an adoption plan! The office will discuss with her what type of adoption plan would make her comfortable, as well as discuss what she is looking for in a family. ​

In the event a birth mother contacts the office when she is in the hospital and about to deliver, the office will draw from our clientele pool those who have indicated they are open and ready for an immediate placement!

How can I/we best ensure the baby's health?
Not uncommonly prospective adoptive parent(s) are hoping to adopt from a healthy and drug free birth mother. A birth mother may already have begun pre-natal care by the time she has contacted our office. The office can request a birth mother ask her physician/clinic to do a drug panel on her to help determine drug exposure. Our birth mothers fill out medical/health and psycho-social background questionnaires that do inquire as to current and past drug, alcohol and tobacco usage. The office also requests all of our birth mothers sign an Authorization for Release of Information, providing medical records and information be shared with Adoption Consultants Inc. as well as the prospective adopting parent(s). When the baby is born, hospitals may routinely perform a toxicology screen on their newborns. Should a birth mother not yet have obtained medical care for her pregnancy at the time she contacts the office, the office can assist her in making an appointment for a medical examination and lab tests with a local physician. A birth mother may still be having a healthy pregnancy, even in the event she may have put off seeing a physician for her pregnancy. Should you ever determine a birth mother’s or baby’s health to be questionable, undesirable or unacceptable, you may always choose to terminate an adoption plan. The choice is always yours to make!

At Adoption Consultants Inc., our primary goal is to assist each and every prospective adoptive parent in their effects to adopt, and at an affordable cost. By keeping our clientele base very low, we are also better able to provide our clients with individualized attention and personalized services, which other adoption organizations simply may not be able to provide. The office encourages our clients to maintain ongoing contact with us throughout the adoption process, and never want a client to ever feel “rushed” or as though the office does not have the time to speak with them. Adoption Consultants Inc. is here to provide you with the emotional support and guidance you require throughout this incredible journey!
Where do your birth mothers come from?
Birth mothers can locate Adoption Consultants Inc. from our general advertising, networking and outreach programs. Birth mothers may also be referred to the office as a direct result of our personal visits to facilities birth mothers may contact for assistance, such as hospitals, medical and community facilities. Additionally, as part of the office's current outreach program, our very own Adoption Book of Waiting Families is distributed to organizations who assist pregnant women. Adoption Consultants Inc. finds that by providing these types of facilities with adoption education and our materials to be a vital and important resource in locating potential new birth mothers.  Birth mothers may also learn of the office through word of mouth, including prior birth mothers the office has assisted in the past. It is also not uncommon for a birth mother who previously placed to reconnect for a new adoption plan when finding herself pregnant again.
If our birth mother resides in California are we able to finalize our adoption in California if we are not California residents?
Yes. As of January 1, 2003, California now allows non-residents to finalize in California if the birth mother resides here. If you choose to finalize in California, an attorney and/or agency in your state of residency will likely not be required. California is a very adoption friendly state. California permits both independent and agency adoption. Adoptions may be finalized as soon as 5 months after the placement of the child with the prospective adoptive parents, although the parental rights of the birth mother are terminated shortly after birth. (In an agency adoption, the birth mother may sign a consent to adoption, called a Relinquishment, anytime after the birth of the child and following hospital discharge.) The adoptive parents and child being adopted are expected to appear in court for the final hearing, although it is very likely a judge may waive your appearance, as many adoptive families who may reside outside California may prefer not to travel back for the finalization hearing.  To date, the office has never had an adoptive family ordered back to attend their finalization.

What background/medical information may I/we receive about a birth mother prior to deciding to pursue an adoption plan with her?
Proof of pregnancy; background information questionnaires, including medical/health history and psycho-social history; any available
photographs of the birth mother, the birth father, and any children she may have; as well as available applicable medical records of the birth mother and baby. If you do not feel the information you have received is adequate, you may always choose to pass. Adoption Consultants Inc. does not perform investigative services, thus cannot corroborate theveracity of any information received.

Does Adoption Consultants Inc. obtain a proof of pregnancy before presenting a birth mother to us?
Typically yes, unless specific circumstances dictate otherwise, such as a birth mother contacting our office from the hospital while, or after, delivering her child, in which case the hospital would then confirm her pregnancy. Adoption Consultants, Inc. will not help facilitate the "match" itself without verification of pregnancy.

Is therapeutic counseling offered to birth mothers?
Absolutely. Adoption Consultants Inc. feels strongly counseling can help solidify an adoption plan in that a birth mother has the opportunity to fully explore her decision to place, and she is provided with the emotional support she needs during this time. Counseling can also help prepare her for the emotions she may feel during the pregnancy, at birth and beyond.
Am I required to pay birth mother living expenses?
No. Many states do allow birth mothers to receive pregnancy related living expense assistance to cover necessities such as rent, food, utilities, transportation and maternity clothing. Laws vary from state to state. Some birth mothers need very little, if any, financial living assistance, while others need a good deal more. You may always choose to pass on a birth mother who is in need of financial assistance which you do not feel you can assist with. Should your birth mother require financial assistance, birth mothers we assist are requested to report all sources of income to be deducted from any living expense requests, minimizing financial exposure to our waiting families. For any living expense expenditures, the office recommends the use of gift cards for whenever possible, as well as payments directly to vendors (landlords, telephone companies, utilities, etc.) to help ensure living expenses are allocated to where they are needed. It is generally not a good idea to discuss money with your birth mother. Thus, the office recommends you
defer expense related issues to your attorney or agency.

Am I required to pay medical expenses for the birth mother?
Most birth mothers Adoption Consultants Inc. assists already have medical coverage, or will qualify for medical coverage through state aid. If a birth mother has private insurance, you will be asked to pay for any deductibles or co-pays. If a birth mother does not have, or cannot obtain, medical insurance, the adoptive parents would be expected to take care of her medical costs. You may always choose to pass on a birth mother if she does not have medical insurance.

How much contact with a birth mother do I need to have pre and post-birth?
This is strictly up to you, depending upon your own comfort level. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with or meeting a birth mother, your decision will be respected. “Closed” adoptions, however, may increase wait time. If a birth mother is open to contact pre-birth, the office strongly encourages clients to maintain at least a minimal amount of telephonic contact to help facilitate the bonding process. If a feeling of comfort, as well as a bond of trust, can be established between yourselves, these feelings can help solidify an adoption plan, as well as helping make the birth mother's placement easier at the time of birth. If it is possible for you to physically meet with your birth mother, this can be beneficial in that you both may have an opportunity to learn more about each other than you might otherwise be able to on the telephone. Prospective adoptive parents who are initially uncomfortable speaking with and/or meeting a birth mother generally feel more comfortable about the adoption process after doing so, as this serves to remove some of the “mystery” from the process, thus helping to alleviate fears and anxieties on both sides. The office will provide you with assistance in communicating with a birth mother, such as offering suggestions as to what topics and areas you might want to explore with her, and what questions you might want to ask about. ​
Adoption Consultants Inc. understands some adoptive parents fear if they have an “open” adoption pre-birth, the birth mother will be unable to disconnect post-birth, thus not allowing the adoptive parent(s) the ability and opportunity to properly bond with their new baby. However, in reality, this is rarely the case. The vast majority of birth mothers desire closure, and want to move on with their lives. Creating a relationship and bond with the adoptive parent(s) can provide a birth mother with a sense of peace and comfort in knowing she has made the right choice, and that her child has found a warm, loving, nurturing and secure home. ​
Of course it is possible some birth mothers may prefer a “closed” adoption, with no contact pre or post-birth with the adoptive family. In such event, her wishes need to be respected. However, you maintain the right to choose not to pursue an adoption plan with a birth mother who prefers a “closed” adoption if this is something you do not feel comfortable with. ​
Post-birth, it is not uncommon for a birth mother to request letter and picture updates for some period of time. For some, it may be only for the first year or so. For others, it may be a longer period of time. Some birth mothers do not want any contact at all post-birth. Some birth mothers would like periodic telephonic contact to reassure them the baby is doing well, being well cared for and thriving. Some birth mothers may want periodic visits. Every birth mother’s emotional needs are different, just as every adoptive parent’s needs are as well. The office will review with you what your comfort level is for pre and post-birth contact and present your profile to birth mothers who feel similarly.
What rights do birth father's have?
Birth fathers have rights which vary from state to state. There are various legal methods available whereby a birth father’s rights can be terminated, depending on the variables involved in your particular adoption plan. For instance, the birth father may either be known or unknown. If he is known, can he be located? If he is known, is he in agreement as to the adoption? It is not uncommon for a birth father to initially be skeptical about adoption. However, after learning more about the process and feeling included, and not shut out, they may become supportive, deciding adoption is the best option for all involved. Some birth fathers may not be willing to consent to an adoption, but they also will not fight it. Your attorney and/or agency will decide the best course of action in proceeding to terminate a birth father’s rights depending on the laws in the states involved and the birth father’s status.

What steps does Adoption Consultants Inc. take to help minimize the possibility that a birth mother may change her mind about an adoption plan?
Although statistically the failure rate on adoptive placements across the country is 50% or higher, the percentage of rescinds and disrupts through Adoption Consultants Inc. is considerably less. In fact, the office has only had 1 rescind in its entire existence (2002-2017), with the last disrupt occurring back in 2009! Those are some amazing statistics in the adoption world! ​

A birth mother changing her mind as to her intended adoptive placement may be due to various factors. However, this rate can be greatly reduced through proper screening, adoption education, guidance, emotional support, open communication, and taking into account what criteria is important to both birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in facilitating a custom adoption plan which best fits each parties needs, all of which Adoption Consultants Inc. does.

When birth mothers and adoptive parents "mutually match" without consideration of each parties criteria, needs and comfort level, an adoption plan has a greater chance of failing. When parties are not honest with each other, or do not communicate openly, an adoption plan is at higher risk of failure. When birth mothers are not properly screened by experienced adoption professionals, your risk increases of having a failed adoption. Cathy Mantell, Adoption Consultants Inc.'s Founder and Director, is an experienced adoption professional, well skilled to screen and assess birth mothers with her lengthy and extensive experience in adoption. ​

Cathy has over 26 years experience in the adoption field, having assisted a great many adoptive parents and birth parents with their adoption plans over the years. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master of Science Degree in Counseling, graduating with Distinction. She has had practical experience in providing therapeutic counseling in non-profit counseling centers with individuals in crisis, including at a crisis trauma center catering primarily to women, as well as crisis hotline. Cathy is aware of what “red flags” to be on the lookout for, as well as how to assess a birth mother's circumstances surrounding her interest in placing her child for adoption in order to help better assess her commitment level towards an adoption. ​
The office recommends and encourages birth mothers to obtain therapeutic counseling which can not only provide them with additional emotional support, but can help them work through any ambivalence they may have about adoption, as well as help prepare them for the emotions they may feel during pregnancy, at birth and beyond. Adoption Consultants, Inc. believes counseling can help reduce the risk of a birth mother changing her mind.
What types of children are birth mothers who contact Adoption Consultants Inc. seeking placements for?
Primarily newborn infants and, on occasion, sibling groups and/or toddlers up to approximately 3-years-old. They are typically direct placements, and not through the foster care system. If an adoptive family chooses only to adopt a toddler or siblings, their wait may be greatly increased than if they are also open to a newborn. Adoption Consultants Inc. assists birth mothers who have children of any race.
What happens if my adoption plan with a birth mother does not work out?
Despite the above steps being taken to help minimize the occurrence of a failed adoption plan, no one can ever guarantee a birth mother will be able to follow through with an adoption plan. All adoptions are at risk until the birth parent’s rights have been terminated. However, should your relationship with a birth mother not work out for any reason, Adoption Consultants Inc. does not assess any "re-match fees" to render additional facilitation services under the existing terms of its Facilitation Contractual Agreement. Many adoption organizations charge not only re-match fees, but may also charge for time spent during the “match.” At Adoption Consultants Inc. our program is designed with the specific primary goal of helping build your family through adoption in an affordable manner, and as smoothly and as time efficiently as may be possible!

What is a typical birth mother like?
There is really no “typical” birth mother. Just as individuals vary in characteristics and personality traits, so do birth mothers. While the average age of a birth mother is generally between 17-years-old to 28-years-old, some are as young as 11-years-old, while others are as old as 43-years-old. It is not uncommon for a birth mother to already be parenting. Many are single, without the financial resources, education, or support system to help enable them in parenting. Some birth mothers are in high school or college, while others are pursuing their careers; some are married and feel they cannot take on the responsibility of another child; some are married and have become pregnant outside of their marriage; some are unmarried and have become pregnant from a brief encounter; some birth mothers are homeless, and some are battling with substance abuse issues. Lifestyles vary dramatically among birth mothers. ​

It is a birth mother’s current life circumstance that generally prompts her decision to pursue adoption. Common motivating factors in a birth mother’s decision to place are: An unstable relationship with the birth father; a belief that a traditional two parent family may be preferable for a child than a single parent household; financial constraints; ongoing drug abuse issues; and feeling unable or uninterested in parenting at this particular point in their lives. The decision to place a child for adoption is an extremely personal one, and a very difficult decision for the majority of most women. The choice to pursue an adoption plan with a particular birth mother is also a personal choice for prospective adoptive parents, and will always remains yours to make.
Does Adoption Consultants Inc. remain involved after a birth mother selects us and we agree to proceed forward?
Yes. Adoption Consultants Inc. does not assess additional fees for the post-match ongoing services it provides, while helping guide you through your adoption process. At the time you and a birth mother have voluntarily and mutually agreed to select each other for the purpose of pursuing and completing an adoption plan, you must seek legal advice and services by retaining a competent adoption attorney and/or licensed adoption agency in your state and/or the state where the birth parent(s) reside to handle the legal aspects of your adoption plan, including birth parent termination of rights and finalization, and ensure the laws of both your state as well as the birth mother’s state are abided by. The office will assist your attorney and/or agency in whatever manner we can, and we will continue to be here to assist you and your birth mother, providing you both with continuing emotional support and guidance throughout remainder of the adoption process. Although you may retain any attorney and/or agency you wish, Adoption Consultants Inc. can refer you to adoption professionals with whom we network with in most states, upon request.

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