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 Assisting birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in creating their own unique adoption plan​​

Call Us - Birth Mother Line

Adoptive Parent Line: (818) 766-2222

Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588

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Baby Girl - Southern California

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Next Steps for Contractual Faciliation Program:

​​Telephone consultations are available at no charge and can also be scheduled for most evenings and weekends. Should you desire a telephone consultation, contact the office to schedule. In-office private consultations are also available, though not mandatory. A fee is assessed for in-office private consultations. However, this fee is credited towards your facilitation fee should you choose to contract on as a client.​​
A Facilitation Contractual Agreement will be remitted for your review. Should you be interested in proceeding forward, contact the office to schedule a time to review the provisions and contents of the Agreement with the office prior to remitting the Agreement to the office. Should you wish to speak with families who have previously adopted through the office, after review of the Agreement with the office, but before signing the Agreement, referrals will be provided.
Upon receipt by the office of the Agreement and an initial remittance of less than half of the facilitation fee, facilitation services will commence. Questionnaires will be provided to you, along with a document on how to prepare your profile (Dear Birth Mother Letter). Sample profiles of previous adoptive families whose profiles received a positive response by birth mothers will be remitted to help guide you, providing ideas in preparing your own profile. ​
Once you have created a draft of your profile, remit to the office for a profile review. Once finalized, the office can begin distributing your profile to birth mothers whose criteria you meet and who meet your criteria.
Now is the time to relax and let the office search for a child for you. Adoption Consultants, Inc. encourages our clients to contact the office with any questions they may have during this process. You will also be provided with periodic updates to keep you informed as to activity on your file.
Once a birth mother has identified you as a family she is would like to place with, you will be notified and information received regarding the birth parent(s) and baby’s health will be shared with you during the exploration process of a potential match, including available applicable medical records and proof of pregnancy. Background informational documents, including medical/health and psycho-social information, will also be shared, along with any available photographs of the birth parent(s) and any children they may have. The office can arrange for you to speak with the birth mother, as well as arrange for an initial meeting to be held at our office with a staff member present to assist in the communication process.
Should both you and the birth mother mutually agree to proceed forward for the purpose of and completing an adoption plan, you will be considered “matched,” and the balance of Adoption Consultants, Inc.'s facilitation fee will become due. At such time, your adoption attorney and/or licensed agency will need to take over the lead role in moving your adoption plan forward, handling the legal aspects of your adoption plan. The office will continue to remain in contact with both you and the birth mother throughout the adoption process, providing ongoing guidance and emotional support, as well as being available to assist your legal counsel in whatever manner we can. 
Referrals of attorneys and/or licensed agencies are available upon request from the office. The office also makes every effort to visit the hospital after the baby’s birth when location and circumstances permit.
~ Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.  We'd love to hear from you! ~
Adoptive Parent's Line:  1-818-766-2222
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Birth Parent's:  24/7

Adoptive Parent(s): Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Studio City, CA  91604
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