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 Assisting birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents in creating their own unique adoption plan​​

Call Us - Birth Mother Line

Adoptive Parent Line: (818) 766-2222

Birth Mother Line: (800) 605-4588

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Baby Girl - Southern California

This baby has now found its forever home!

Next Steps for Registration Program:

Periodically the office has available situations which open to non-contracted families. In such event, in order to have your profile (Birth Mother letter) shared you must first be registered in the Registration Program. There are two ways in which you may register: Option 1 or 2. Option 1: $300 for unlimited presentations of your Birth Mother Letter to expectant mothers for one consecutive calendar year. Option 2: $400 for unlimited presentations of your Birth Mother Letter to expectant mothers for two consecutive calendar years. Your profile will automatically be remitted on by the office to new situations that open to non-contracted families when your criteria matches an expectant mother's criteria. 
Remit your profile (Dear Birth Mother Letter) via U.S. mail and also e-mail to Adoption Consultants Inc. Any profiles and/or photographs remitted will not be returned. Please be sure your profile does not contain any identifying or contact information such as: your last name, attorney/agency/social worker’s name, any addresses or telephone numbers, other than this office's.  Use of one's first name(s), city and state are fine.
As a Registered Profile Participant because your profile is already in-house it can be sent out without delay, minimizing the chances an expectant mother may have already selected another family by the time your profile arrives and is remitted on to an expectant mother for review and consideration.
Once your profile is received the office will remit to you questionnaires to fill out to assist the office in presenting your profile to appropriate expectant birth mothers.
Should an expectant mother select you as a family she would like to place with, the office will contact you and share with you information provided to Adoption Consultants Inc. by the expectant parent(s) pertaining to the expectant parent(s) and child, including health/medical and psycho-social background information. Available applicable medical records and photographs will also be shared. If the information meets with your approval, the office can coordinate the initial telephonic and/or in person meeting between you and the expectant parent(s). ​ ​
Should you "match" with an expectant mother in this program our facilitation fee would then become due in full at the time of the match, and a signed and dated Facilitation Contractual Agreement would need to be remitted to the office.
No identifying information of either party will be shared until both parties have decided to proceed forward with a mutual adoption plan commitment and a signed and dated Facilitation Contractual Agreement has been remitted to our office and received, along with full facilitation fee. The office can provide guidance to you in arranging for a home study, if requested.
Once matched, you will need to retain legal counsel for separate and additional fees to handle the legal aspects of your adoption plan. Referrals to attorneys and/or agencies are available upon request. We will continue to be available to provide ongoing emotional support and guidance to both you and the expectant mother throughout your adoption process. ​
~ Should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office.  We'd love to hear from you! ~
Adoptive Parent's Line:  1-818-766-2222 
Hours of Operation
Birth Parent's:  24/7

Adoptive Parent(s): Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm
11271 Ventura Blvd. #380
Studio City, CA  91604
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